CAR project on building frontline evidence collection capacity within the Iraqi Security Forces

Activity description

As part of the Iraqi Security Reform Program that Germany is supporting, CAR is implementing a series of activities aiming at enhancing Iraqi ISF capacity to collect, consolidate, preserve, and act upon weapon-related evidence. This involves:
1. Conducting in-country weapon technical intelligence (WTI) and evidence-gathering training for Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). These multiple training sessions focus on: i) the safe and proper collection of critical weapon-related evidence; ii) how to consolidate this evidence in an exploitable format for analysis and tracing; iii) evidence preservation techniques to ensure the evidence’s integrity from collection to final disposal, including training in physical security and stockpile management; and iv) evidence analysis methodologies to assist counter-proliferation proceedings.
2. To design, develop, and implement industry-accredited standard operating procedures (SOPs) in evidence collection, consolidation, preservation, and analysis in cooperation with ISF.
3. To conduct joint evidence collection (mentoring) activities at incident/recovery sites with ISF, to ensure optimal knowledge retention.
4. In cooperation with ISF, to conduct data analysis of field evidence and trace requests to inform relevant counter-proliferation proceedings.
Since 2014, Iraqi security forces have fought Daesh (IS) forces across Iraq. The activities carried out are aimed at helping the Iraqi Security Forces mitigate future security threats by giving it the knowledge, skills, equipment, and infrastructure necessary to effectively collect, consolidate, preserve, and analyse evidence recovered from insurgency groups.

Type of Activity
Institutional capacity-building
Technical material or financial assistance
Sensitization and outreach
Focus of Activity
Inventory and stockpile management
Small arms and light weapons (SALW) controls
Conflict Armament Research (CAR)
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