Implementation of the ATT in Mali - Roadmap

Activity description

Between November 2019 and February 2020, as part of the third phase of a project aiming at producing a roadmap for the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty in Mali, GRIP researchers held two seminars in the country based on their findings on the Arms Trade Treaty implementation possibilities. One seminar gathered armed forces and law enforcement agencies while the other gathered parliamentarians and civil society.

Project description

In partnership with the Commission nationale de lutte contre la prolifération des armes légères et de petit calibre malienne (CNLPAL), and funded by the ATT VTF, GRIP is elaborating a roadmap on implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty in Mali. This project focuses on assessment of Mali’s legislative framework for ATT compliance, capacity building for agencies responsible for ATT implementation and development of a national roadmap to guide Mali’s systematic implementation of the ATT.

Type of Activity
Institutional capacity-building
Legal or legislative assistance
Sensitization and outreach
Focus of Activity
International instruments
Transfer controls
Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP)
ATT Voluntary Trust Fund (VTF)
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