African Union launches Ammunition Safety and Security Management Initiative in Malawi

Activity description

The African Union, Halo Trust (HT) and the Republic of Malawi launched a joint project on ammunition safety management which will be implemented from April to December 2019. The project is expected to reduce the risk of accidental explosions and diversion, and contribute to laying foundations for sustainable and effective ammunition management in the country. The project targets the Malawi defence Force and Police Services and includes 5 delivery components, namely, construction of a temporary storage facility, refurbishment of existing storage facilities, disposal of surplus arms and ammunition, training (including ‘Training of Trainers’) on arms and ammunition management as well as disposal, and development of management policies and standard operating procedures.

Project description

The African Union (AU) Ammunition Safety and Security Management Initiative, launched in 2017, aims to assist Member States in reducing the risk of unplanned explosions at munitions sites, and prevent diversion of government-held stockpiles. Through the initiative, the AU assists Member States in assessing gaps in ammunition management, and subsequently extends technical and operational support to meet the identified needs, including through mobilizing and facilitating the delivery of international assistance. In implementing the project, the AU works closely with several implementing partners, including Halo Trust, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) and UNMAS.

Type of Activity
Institutional capacity-building
Technical material or financial assistance
Focus of Activity
Inventory and stockpile management
Small arms and light weapons (SALW) controls
African Union (AU)
The Halo Trust
South Korea
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