EU-ATT Outreach Project II - Second Roadmap Activity in the Philippines

Descripción de la actividad

As part of the second phase of the EU-ATT Outreach Project (EU-ATT OP II), Expertise France carried the second roadmap activity in the Philippines, on 10-11 October 2018 in Manila. This activity was implemented following the entry into force in the Philippines of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Strategic Trade Management Act, which paved the way for the national implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty provisions. The activity was dedicated to the exchange of best practices for the implementation of the principles and mechanisms contained in the treaty in accordance with the legal and institutional settings foreseen by the newly adopted legislation. In addition, the event also allowed participants to discuss arms-related security challenges that the Philippines are facing. Finally, the activity also supported partners to define the themes of a first sub-regional workshop to be organized jointly by the Philippines and the EU ATT OP implementers.

Descripción del Proyecto

The goal of 'EU ATT Outreach Project' is to support the early entry into force and effective implementation of the ATT. Upon request, the project supports a number of States in strengthening their arms transfer control systems with a view to being able to implement the ATT. The project also aims to increase awareness and ownership of the ATT at national and regional levels and therein contribute to its universalisation. A second edition of the project was initiated on 29 May 2017 by Council Decision 2017/915 and it is co-implemented by BAFA and Expertise France. The EU ATT Outreach Project has three different components: 1) Tailored National Assistance Programmes; 2) Ad-hoc Activities; and 3) Regional Seminars. National assistance programmes are developed in close cooperation with partner countries. Key elements of national assistance programmes are: an initial needs assessment visit; inclusive roadmap development; and, practical support follow up activities.

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Institutional capacity-building
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