EU ATT Outreach Project II - First Roadmap Activity for Malaysia

Descripción de la actividad

On 25 – 26 April 2019, the First Roadmap Activity for Malaysia under the second phase of the EU Arms Trade Treaty Outreach Project (EU-ATT OP II) was conducted by BAFA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This workshop was based on the findings of the Initial Visit from 28– 29 November 2018 and the comprehensive Roadmap Document drafted afterwards and was conducted back-to-back with Roadmap Activity 2. The EU project brought together national ATT stakeholders from the Attorney General’s Chamber, Customs Department, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Malaysian National Security Council, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and Royal Malaysia Police.

The first day kicked off with welcome remarks by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU Delegation to Malaysia. Afterwards, a recap of the Initial Visit gave participants an overview of the result of the Malaysian roadmap so far. After a status quo update by Malaysians with respect to the provisions in the respective ATT articles 6 and 7, EU experts gave an introduction into the ATT articles 6 and 7. That was followed by a Malaysian case study. After lunch, the following discussion highlighted the most important issues in Malaysia and the requirements of the ATT vis-à-vis Malaysian legislation and standard operating procedures. The day ended with a best practice example from Croatia.

The second day was dedicated to best practice examples, case studies and introductions into the export control systems of various countries inside and outside the EU. Topics included licensing procedures and risk assessment. The final agenda item was a final discussion round with the goal to help Malaysians create procedures for risk assessment in accordance with ATT articles 6 and 7.
BAFA was supported by ATT experts from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Norway and the UK.

Descripción del Proyecto

The goal of 'EU ATT Outreach Project (EU ATT-OP)', as part of the European Union Partner-to-Partner (EUP2P) Export Control Programme, is to support the effective implementation of the ATT. Upon request, the project will support a number of States in strengthening their arms transfer control systems with a view to being able to implement the ATT. The project also aims to increase awareness and ownership of the ATT at national and regional levels and therein contribute to its universalisation. A second edition of the project was initiated on 29 May 2017 by Council Decision 2017/915 and it is co-implemented by BAFA and Expertise France.The EU ATT Outreach Project has three different components: 1) Tailored National Assistance Programmes; 2) Ad-hoc Activities; and 3) Regional Seminars. National assistance programmes are developed in close cooperation with partner countries. Key elements of national assistance programmes are: an initial needs assessment visit; inclusive roadmap development; and, practical support follow up activities.

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Sensitization and outreach
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Risk assessments
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