UNLIREC Arms Trade Treaty Implementation Course in Santo Domingo

Descripción de la actividad

UNLIREC, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Interior and Police of the Dominican Republic, carried out a Second Implementation Course of the Arms Trade Treaty (CITCA) in Santo Domingo, from February 11th to February 14th 2019. In four days, 25 participants, representing 8 institutions, analyzed the arms trade context in Latin America and the Caribbean, classified weapons and elements under the scope of the ATT, expanded their knowledge on applicable regulatory provisions and became familiar with various topics such as end-use and end-user documentation, the national control list or the export assessment, among other topics to which the ATT makes reference. The theoretical sessions were complemented, during the last day sessions, with two practical exercises, in which participants simulated the assessment of two export applications, in line with the provisions of the ATT and from the perspective of the national control authority.

This type of course aims to provide States with sufficient tools to ensure the effective implementation of the Treaty, so that adequate control mechanisms are established for international transfers of conventional weapons, their ammunition and their parts and components, with the ultimate goal of reducing the undesired consequences of legal trade of these elements as well as their diversion.

This activity took place within the framework of the implementation of the Dominican Republic ATT´s project, thanks to the financial support of the Voluntary Trust Fund of the Arms Trade Treaty.

Descripción del Proyecto

The course is part of the project activities funded by the Arms Trade Treaty Voluntary Trust Fund, of which the Dominican Republic is a beneficiary state and in which UNLIREC, at the request of the Dominican Republic authorities, is an implementing partner.


Tipo de actividad
Institutional capacity-building
Legal or legislative assistance
Sensitization and outreach
Enfoque de la Actividad
Brokering controls
Control list
Import controls
International instruments
Regional instruments
Reporting on arms transfers
Risk assessments
Small arms and light weapons (SALW) controls
Transfer controls
Transit and trans-shipment controls
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